Upcoming Air/stakedrops for Cosmos:

Upcoming Air/stakedrops for Cosmos:

1. Juno – Atom holder snapshot Feb 18 [Distribution in October]

2. Ethermint – Atom holder, future snapshot, date no details yet

3. Persistence IRIS Stake drop
[Upcoming on persistence. one/stakedrop]

Recommended: 1pool Airdrop

4. Koala Network – Stakedrop for ATOM Holders.

5. Sputnik Network – Stakedrop for ATOM and multiple coins
[Coming in late Q4]

6. GNO for Atom holders
[Confirmed a future snapshot, date not announced yet]

7. Sunny – Solana’s composable Defi yield aggregator, airdrop for OSMO holders [date not announced yet]

8. Cosmos Gaming Hub $GAME
Airdrop for Atom Holders in October based on a snapshot as of 2/18]

9. Bitsong
+10.000.000 $BTSG will be distributed to ATOM stakers based on a new snapshot approximately on the second half of September.

10. Hansum token $HANSUM – Stakedrop for ATOM and OSMO holders [Date TBA]

11. Chihuahua $HUAHUA – Memecoin, multi-chain airdrop on Cosmos hub and Osmosis [Date TBA]

12. Atom Launcher $AMTL – Launchpad, airdrop for ATOM holder [Date TBA]

13. Citadel $XCT – Stakedrop for multiple coins by staking via Citadel.one Platform with Citadel. one node.

Airdrop Rumors: Sommelier Finance, OmniFLix Network, Stargaze.

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