Han Ji-Hyuk (Namkoong Min) was the best agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS). He was admired by his peers, but he put the NIS in a crisis. He then went missing.

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1 year later, Han Ji-Hyuk returns to the NIS to find the traitor that caused him to fall into the bottomless pit.


The Veil-Namkoong Min.jpg The Veil-Park Ha-Sun.jpg Kim Ji-Eun
Namkoong Min Park Ha-Sun Kim Ji-Eun
Han Ji-Hyuk Seo Soo-Yeon Yoo Je-Yi

NIS Foreign Intelligence Bureau

The Veil-Jang Young Nam.jpg Kim Jong-Tae The Veil-Hwang Hee.jpg The Veil-Jo Bok-Rae.jpg
Jang Young-Nam Kim Jong-Tae Hwang Hee Jo Bok-Rae
Do Jin-Sook Kang Pil-Ho Oh Kyung-Seok Kim Dong-Wook


Season 1

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