The Great Shamen Ga Doo-Shim S01 (Episode 5) | Korean Drama

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim (2021): Season 1 | Korean Drama

Ga Doo-Shim (Kim Sae-Ron) is an 18-year-old high school student. Since her birth, her fate has been to become a shaman. A shaman to eradicate evil spirts. Ga Doo-Shim refuses her fate and tries to live a normal life. She transfers to a new high school and meets Na Woo-Soo (Nam Da-Reum).



Na Woo-Soo is a high school student, who comes from a wealthy family, has a handsome appearance, and excels academically. He has a a peaceful and ordinary life, but that changes with the appearance of Ga Doo-Shim. He begins to see evil spirits. Ga Doo-Shim and Na Woo-Soo get involved in mysterious cases and fight against evil spirits.

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Status : Complete

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