Hong Ji-A (Jang Na-Ra) is an exorcist, who runs Daebak Real Estate. She gets rid of evil spirits from real estate properties and then sells them. The Chronicles of Evil (2015) | Korean Movie

Oh In-Bum (Jung Yong-Hwa) is a swindler. He often uses ghosts in his schemes to make money.

Hong Ji-A and Oh In-Bum work together to disclose a secret about the death of Hong Ji-A’s mother, who died 20 years ago.


Sell Your Haunted House-Jang Na Ra.jpg Sell Your Haunted House-Jung Yong Hwa.jpg
Jang Na-Ra Jung Yong-Hwa
Hong Ji-A Oh In-Bum

Daebak Realty

Sell Your Haunted House-Kang Mal Geum.jpg Choi Woo-Sung
Kang Mal-Geum Choi Woo-Sung
Joo Hwa-Jung Hyung-Sik


Sell Your Haunted House-Kang Hong Suk.jpg
Kang Hong-Suk
Heo Ji-Chul

Taejin’s Labor Service

Heo Dong-Won Yang Taek-Ho Seon Yool-Woo
Heo Dong-Won Yang Taek-Ho Seon Yool-Woo
Kim Tae-Jin Kim Tae-Jin’s subordinate Kim Tae-Jin’s subordinate

Dohak Construction

Sell Your Haunted House-Ahn Kil-Kang.jpg
Ahn Kil-Kang
Do Hak-Sung

Changhwa Restaurant

Sell Your Haunted House-Baek Hyun-Joo.jpg Ahn Soo-Ho
Baek Hyun-Joo Ahn Soo-Ho
restaurant owner restaurant owner

Hong Ji-A’s Family

Sell Your Haunted House-Baek Eun Hye.jpg Hwang Do-Yun
Baek Eun-Hye Hwang Do-Yun
Hong Mi-Jin Hong Ji-A (child) (ep.1)

Oh In-Bum’s Family

Kim Dae-Gon Ki Eun-Yoo Sell Your Haunted House-Sung Jeong-Seon.jpg
Kim Dae-Gon Ki Eun-Yoo Sung Jeong-Seon
Oh Sung-Sik (ep.1-2) Oh In-Bum (child) (ep.1-2) Oh In-Bum’s grandmother (ep.1-2)

Daebak Realty’s Client’s Group

Bae Sung-Il Sell Your Haunted House-Heo Sun-Haeng.jpg Jung Ji-Hwan Kim Ji-Su
Bae Sung-Il Heo Sun-Haeng Jung Ji-Hwan Kim Ji-Su
homeowner (ep.1) building owner (ep.2) prospective buyer (ep.2) prospective buyer (ep.2)

Daebak Realty’s Clients: Dream Officetel Group

Jeon Gyu-Il Shin Yun-Sook Sell Your Haunted House-Choi Seung Yoon.jpg Sell Your Haunted House-Jung Soon-Won.jpg Seo Sang-Won
Jeon Gyu-Il Shin Yun-Sook Choi Seung-Yoon Jung Soon-Won Seo Sang-Won
Woo Yeon-Ho (ep.1-2) Woo Yeon-Ho’s wife (ep.1) Nam Young-Do (ep.1) Yang Woo-Jin (ep.1-2) Yang Woo-Jin’s father (ep.1-2)

Status : Ongoing

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