Mine (Episode 15 Added)

A story of women who try to find their true selves, freeing themselves from prejudices in the world.

Doom at Your Service (Episode 4 Added) | Korean Drama

Seo Hi-Soo (Lee Bo-Young) was a star actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of a chaebol family. The chaebol family runs the Hyowon Group. She does her best to fit in as a daughter-in-law of that family. She acts confidently all the time to not to lose her true self.


Jung Seo-Hyun (Kim Seo-Hyung) is married to the first son of the same chaebol family. She is also the daughter of a chaebol family. She is elegant and intelligent. She is also very rational.


Hyowon Group Family

Mine-Korean Drama-Lee Bo-Young.jpg Mine-Korean Drama-Kim Seo-Hyung.jpg
Lee Bo-Young Kim Seo-Hyung
Seo Hi-Soo Jung Seo-Hyun
Lee Hyun-Wook Jeong Hyun-Jun Mine-Korean Drama-Park Hyuk-Kwon.jpg Mine-Korean Drama-Cha Hak-Yeon.jpg
Lee Hyun-Wook Jeong Hyun-Jun Park Hyuk-Kwon Cha Hak-Yeon
Han Ji-Yong Han Ha-Joon Han Jin-Ho Han Soo-Hyeok
Mine-Korean Drama-Park Won-Suk.jpg Mine-KD-Jeong Dong-Hwan.jpg Mine-KD-Kim Hye-Hwa.jpg Jo Eun-Sol
Park Won-Suk Jeong Dong-Hwan Kim Hye-Hwa Jo Eun-Sol
Yang Soon-Hye Chairman Han Han Jin-Hee Park Jung-Do

Hyowon Mansion Staff

Mine-Korean Drama-Ok Ja-Yeon.jpg Mine-Korean Drama-Jung Yi-Seo.jpg
Ok Ja-Yeon Jung Yi-Seo
Kang Ja-Kyeong Kim Yu-Yeon
Mine-KD-Park Sung-Yeon.jpg Mine-KD-Lee Joong-Ok.jpg Jo Yun-Seo Kim Nam-Jin Mine-KD-Yoon Geumseona.jpg
Park Sung-Yeon Lee Joong-Ok Jo Yun-Seo Kim Nam-Jin Yoon Geumseona
Joo Min-Su Kim Sung-Tae Secretary Oh Soo-Young Ko Mi-Jin Hwang Kyung-Hye

Status : Complete

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