KushiLDOGE Airdrop : Get 3M KushDOGE For Tasks + 1M KushDOGE Per Refer

KushiLDOGE Airdrop

KushiLDOGE Airdrop : Get 3M KushDOGE For Tasks + 1M KushDOGE Per Refer

Hello, Welcome Back To skipogist. we are happy To see you again on our website. Now We Are providing New Airdrop Which is KushiLDOGE Airdrop Where you will get 3 Million KushDOGE Tokens For Participation & 1 Million KushDOGE Tokens For Each Referral. Therefore Just Complete Easy Tasks To Get The Airdrop Tokens Free.

Kindly Note – Never Pay Any Amount For Claiming Airdrop & Presales/IDO. Every Airdrop Is Free To Claim.

Rewards ?

  • 💧 Task: ➕ 3M KushDOGE
  • 💧 Referral: ➕ 1M KushDOGE
  • Distribution on 20th August 2021

How To Take Part in KushiLDOGE Airdrop ?

  • Firstly Open Below Link To Join This Airdrop
  • Click Here To Join KushiLDOGE airdrop
  • After that Complete All The Required Tasks.
  • Finally Submit Your BEP20 wallet Address From Trust Wallet Along with your other required details.

How To Earn More KushDOGE Tokens Free ?

You Can Refer Your Friends To Earn More KushDOGE Tokens For Free. You Will Receive 1 Million KushDOGE Tokens For Every Referral. Don’t Miss If You Can Refer.

More Info About KushDOGE Project ?

KushilDOGE is a hyper deflationary token. We have an innovative and unique Auto-boost system which will Buy Back and Burn to increase price over time. We charge 2% static reflection reward fee which is distributed among holders. In addition to this, we charge 7% buyback fee on all sell transactions, on each sell the contract automatically buys back the tokens every 24 hours and immediately burns them. This ensures that supply keeps reducing and price will increase over time.

AutoBoost will buy back variable amounts every time a sale occurs with KushilDOGE token. This is a one of a kind function which is more powerful than just a standard buyback token. KushilDOGE is owns by it vibrant community, which is decentralized. The KushilDOGE community welcomes and embraces diverse perspectives to build a world class community. To aide in the rescue of the DOG in need.

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