Doom at Your Service (Episode 11 Added)


Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-Young) is an editor for a web novel company. Myul-Mang (Seo In-Guk), suddenly appears in her ordinary life. She makes a 100 day contract with Myul-Mang, risking her life and her love.

Bossam Steal the Fate (Episode 5 & 6 Added) | Korean Drama

Myul-Mang is the existence of a middle manager between God and humans. He makes a contract with Tak Dong-Kyung.


Doom at Your Service-Park Bo-Young.jpg Doom At Your Service-Seo In-Guk.jpg Doom at Your Service-Lee Soo-Hyuk.jpg Doom at Your Service-Kang Tae-Oh.jpg Doom at Your Service-Shin Do-Hyun.jpg
Park Bo-Young Seo In-Guk Lee Soo-Hyuk Kang Tae-Oh Shin Do-Hyun
Tak Dong-Kyung Myul-Mang Cha Joo-Ik Lee Hyun-Kyu Na Ji-Na

Life Story

Song Jin-Woo Song Ju-Hee Choi So-Yoon Park Tae-In
Song Jin-Woo Song Ju-Hee Choi So-Yoon Park Tae-In
CEO Park Chang-Sin Jo Ye-Ji Kim Da-In Park Jung-Min

Life Story Writers

Lee Seung-Joon Doom At Your Service-Heo Jae-Ho .jpg
Lee Seung-Joon Heo Jae-Ho
Jung Dang-Myun Jijo King

Tak Dong-Kyung’s Family

Da Won Doom at Your Service-Woo Hee-Jin.jpg Lee Ye-Seo Park Jae-Joon Doom At Your Service-Choi Gyo-Sik.jpg
Da Won Woo Hee-Jin Lee Ye-Seo Park Jae-Joon Choi Gyo-Sik
Tak Sun-Kyung Kang Soo-Ja Tak Dong-Kyung (young) (ep.1) Tak Sun-Kyung (young) (ep.1) Tak Dong-Kyung’s relative (ep.1)
Eom Ok-Ran
Eom Ok-Ran
Tak Dong-Kyung’s relative (ep.1)

Myul-Mang’s Group

Doom At Your Service-Jung Ji So.jpg
Jung Ji-So


Doom At Your Service-Hong In.jpg Kim Ji-Su Kim Baek-Ri Shin Soo-Hyun Kim Hyo-Myung
Hong-In Kim Ji-Su Kim Baek-Ri Shin Soo-Hyun Kim Hyo-Myung
stabbing suspect (ep.1-2) nurse (ep.1) Jo Dae-Han’s wife (ep.1-2) nurse (ep.1) subway pervert (ep.1)
Lee Dong-Kyu Doom At Your Service-Kim Ji-Suk.jpg Lee Ja-Ryoung Oh Nan-Ju Doom At Your Service-Ryu Yeon-Seok.jpg
Lee Dong-Kyu Kim Ji-Suk Lee Ja-Ryoung Oh Nan-Ju Ryu Yeon-Seok
YBN announcer (ep.1) Jo Dae-Han (ep.2) doomsday pamphlet woman (ep.2) shaman (ep.2) photographer (ep.2)

Status : Ongoing

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