Diary of a Night Watchman S01 (Complete) | Korean Drama

Four night watchmen attempts to catch ghosts by patrolling from 21:00-05:00.

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 Diary of a Night Watchman S01 (Complete) | Korean Drama

Diary of a Night Watchman S01 (Complete) | Korean Drama



Night Watchman's Journal-Jung Il-Woo.jpg Night Watchman's Journal-Ko Sung-Hee.jpg Night Watchman's Journal-U-Know Yunho.jpg Night Watchman's Journal-Seo Ye-Ji.jpg Yoon Tae-Young
Jung Il-Woo Ko Sung-Hee U-Know Yunho Seo Yea-Ji Yoon Tae-Young
Lee Rin Do-Ha Moo-Seok Park Soo-Ryeon Jo Sang-Heon
Kim Sung-Oh Night Watchman's Journal-Choi Won-Young.jpg Night Watchman's Journal-Kim Heung-Soo.jpg Lee Jae-Yong Night Watchman's Journal-Ko Chang-Seok.jpg
Kim Sung-Oh Choi Won-Young Kim Heung-Soo Lee Jae-Yong Ko Chang-Seok
Psychic Sadam King Haejong Prince Kisan Park Soo-Jong Minister Ddoong
Night Watchman's Journal-Lee Se-Chang.jpg Night Watchman's Journal-Kang Ji-Woo.jpg Diary Of A Night Watchman-Kim Hwi-Soo.jpg
Lee Se-Chang Kang Ji-Woo Kim Hwi-Soo
Eunuch Song Rang-Yi Lee Rin (young)

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