Check Out the Event S01 (Episode 2 Added) | Korean Drama

Check Out the Event S01 (Episode 1 Added) | Korean Drama

Ha Song-Yi (Bang Min-Ah) has a bright and honest personality. She works as a coordinator of a botanical garden. Her boyfriend was Park Do-Gyeom (Kwon Hwa-Woon), but he suddenly broke up with her and she still has a broken heart from the breakup. One day, she learns that she won a couple trip event. Inseparable Bros (2019) (Korean)

Ha Song-Yi and Park Do-Gyeom participate in the couple trip, pretending that they are still boyfriend and girlfriend. The Box (2021) (Korean)

Check Out the Event S01

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Meanwhile, Seo Ji-Kang (An Woo-Yeon), who is an essay writer, becomes a guide for the couple trip. There, he meets Ha Song-Yi and becomes attracted to her..

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