Archimedes Airdrop : 2000 Winners will share 666,666 ACMD Tokens ($20K)

Archimedes Airdrop

Archimedes Airdrop : 2000 Winners will share 666,666 ACMD Tokens ($20K)

Hello, welcome back to Skipogist. Today we will share a new airdrop that is Archimedes Airdrop. Since This airdrop is hosting with coinmarketcap so don’t miss your rewards are assure here. You will get up to 333.333 ACMD tokens if you win in this airdrop. Therefore total winners are 2000 i.e total ACMD tokens in this airdrop are 666,666.

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Note – Never Pay Any amount for claiming airdrops & presales. Every airdrop is free.

Rewards :

  • 2000 Winners will share 666,666 ACMD Tokens ($20K)
  • CoinMarketCap will Declare Winners on 9th August, 2021

How To Participate in Archimedes Airdrop ?

  • Firstly Open Below Link To Participate
  • Click here to participate in ACMD airdrop
  • After That Login/register on coinmarketcap
  • now complete all the required airdrop tasks
  • Finally submit your OKEx wallet Address along with your telegram & twitter username.
  • That’s it.

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More About Archimedes ACMD Project :

Archimedes ( ) is a new generation of cross-chain leverage aggregators, which integrates Loan mining, leveraged lending, and liquidity mining. Archimedes aims to build the world’s leading multi-chain assets decentralized financial service platform and maximize the return of mining for Defi users’ income.

When users want to participate in the liquidity mining of Defi projects and the funds are insufficient, when users need to increase the utilization rate of funds, or when the slippage loss of choosing high leverage is too high, Archimedes is your ideal choice. Archimedes provides diversified products to help users increase the utilization rate of funds.

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