ARBITRUM Airdrop details 2021

ARBITRUM Airdrop details 2021

ARBITRUM Airdrop details 2021

Pretty much the same pattern with Optimism

Here, you go to

Make sure you’re on the Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum connects to ETH mainnet automatically

Fund your ETH address with ETH

Bridge ETH over to Arbitrum using the deposit function (As always, not all the ETH will be used as you need to pay gas fees)

If you’re doing multiple accounts, bridge all the ETH you had estimated for the say 5-10 accounts & pay gas fees at once (~$27-$30)

After 10-15 mins, the ETH should arrive on the Arbitrum layer 2

Next is to head over to

Connect Uniswap to your Metamask, after which you change your Network from Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum One (Uniswap switches automatically to *Uniswap on Arbitrum*)

Swap any ETH amount for USDT (use a for gas to withdraw from Arbitrum back to Layer 1 (can leave like $10-12)

After swapping to USDT, go back to the Arbitrum bridge (must be on Arbitrum Mainnet) and withdraw back to ETH layer 1 (Ethereum Mainnet). Switch from ETH to ERC 20 to enable you to withdraw the USDT from Layer 2 to Layer 1

Pay gas fees (~2-$3). You need to wait 7 days to get your assets back

And the actual gas costs actually depends on ETH network congestion, so make sure to track the gas/gwei & do it at the time gas is low

Can always track Gwei here :

_For those who wants to do multiple accounts, you will need to leave more than $12. Because, you can easily transfer any assets on Arbitrum to your other wallets (without bridging). You just need to use the Send function on Metamask (and pay gas fees ~$2-3 for each transactions)_

_I would recommend $60-70 (for 5 accounts). This is to ensure that you don’t mess up rotating between wallet addresses & later ending up without ETH to make swaps or withdraw back to L1. Also ensure you’re swapping between USDT & USDC or DAI here (As stablecoins don’t fluctuate, so you won’t lose funds due to market volatility)_

_$60-70 here would cover sending your ETH & USDT (you send this first before ETH) to your other wallets addresses, approving USDT/USDC for each trades, making swaps. Rinse & repeat for 5 accounts_

Then you will later end up on one wallet which is where you exit from Arbitrum to withdraw back to Layer 1 (7 days waiting period).

That’s all

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