A Quiet Place Part II Is Likely the Second Chapter of a Trilogy

A Quiet Place Part II

Although no sequel is necessarily official yet, the answer is pretty close to a yes. Franchise star Emily Blunt told Collider in a junket interview for the film (which, because Quiet Place 2 was originally scheduled to come out last spring before the Covid pandemic, technically took place more than a year ago) that her husband (and A Quiet Place director) John Krasinski is definitely thinking about places where the sequel could go. As she put it:

He has a whole arc of ideas that could work. I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas.

While she didn’t definitively confirm the theory, when Collider asked whether she and Krasinski conceive of A Quiet Place as a trilogy, she replied “Why not? I always said when we were approaching this one I said ‘I think you need to think of it not as a sequel, but this is Chapter 2. This is a continuation.’ I think there was such an investment in this family, such mileage for expansion on this kind of extraordinary world. That this is the continuation.” So I guess A Quiet Place Part II doesn’t end with the evil aliens killing all remaining life on Earth and taking over the planet?

A Quiet Place Part II opens in theaters on Friday.

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