61 Jordan Pickford Quotes About Football

61 Jordan Pickford Quotes About Football

Today, we bring to you 61 interesting Jordan Pickford quotes about goalkeeping and football as a whole.

Jordan Lee Pickford is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Everton and the England national team.

Pickford has represented England at under-16, under-17, under-18, under-19, under-20 and under-21 levels.

He made his debut for the full England national team in November 2017 in a friendly against Germany. He was the starting goalkeeper in England’s 2018 FIFA World Cup fourth-place finish, in which the squad reached its first semi-final appearance since 1990.

So far, Jordan Lee Pickford net worth is proof that he is a successful goalkeeper who has won the heart of his fans with is skills and hard work.

But how did he make it to the top? What kept him going?

In this quick collection of Jordan Pickford quotes, you’ll learn more about his ideologies about soccer, his perspectives, and more.

61 Notable Jordan Pickford Quotes About Soccer

1. “It’s my job to be a goalkeeper and keep the ball out of the net, and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve kept a clean sheet.” – Jordan Pickford

2. “Places like Wrexham and Southport, when there are not that many people there, were tough. You are a young lad, and you’re having abuse hurled at you.” – Jordan Pickford

3. “As long as I’m communicating and staying in the game, my concentration is always going to be there.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

Jordan Pickford Quotes
Jordan Pickford Quotes

4. “I don’t worry about being the best keeper in the tournament. I just focus on being the best I possibly can for myself and for the team.” – Jordan Pickford

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5. “England fans are a different class. When the fans are like that, it makes us even better and so much more relaxed.” – Jordan Pickford

6. “There is always a case as a goalkeeper, if you make an error, it will lead to a goal.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

7. “You’ve got to accept where mistakes will happen, and it’s about not making the next one.” – Jordan Pickford

8. “Physical activity can help improve your mental health, as it helps to take your mind off things if you are having a bad time.” – Jordan Pickford

9. “Sometimes maybe it just doesn’t go right in the game, but that’s football, and I think I’m definitely improving game by game, and getting more experience is good.” – Jordan Pickford

10. “As long as you are set and in the right position, you give yourself the best opportunity. It’s all about the crucial timing of a save, but it’s also being in the right position at the right time.” – Jordan Pickford

11. “I’m always ready to play when called upon; that’s why I train so hard.” – Jordan Pickford

12. “I’ve got power and agility. I don’t care if I’m not the biggest keeper; I’ve got the power and agility to get around the goal, and I’m very good at it.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

13. “I’ve crossed every bridge to become a Premier League goalkeeper, I think I’m going in the right direction and I think I’m mature as a goalkeeper.” – Jordan Pickford

14. “A goalkeeper’s mistakes are always crucial ones – or get talked about a lot.” – Jordan Pickford

15. “I did a lot of lower league, and in lower league, you’re not going to be playing out from the back; you’re going to hit it long and try to get the second ball.” – Jordan Pickford

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16. “You don’t want to get too comfortable if you’re winning and start trying to be a number 10.” – Jordan Pickford

17. “The more games you play, the more game management you learn.” – Jordan Pickford

18. “Football doesn’t bother me. I just enjoy it. It’s when you have to go to clubs and sing and do initiations and all that stuff. That’s when I get nervous.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

19. “As a Sunderland fan, I loved Tommy Sorensen.” – Jordan Pickford

20. “I watched football, but I was a kid who really preferred being out on the street with my mates playing hide and seek!” – Jordan Pickford

21. “I know if I have played well or badly. I always ask my dad, and he tells me straight.” – Jordan Pickford

22. “I try not to do tricks because I don’t want to be caught with it. It’s a risk.” – Jordan Pickford

23. “Petr Cech has been a top keeper in the Premier League for the last 10-12 years. When you’re growing up, you see him making these saves week in, week out. He’s probably been the most consistent goalkeeper in these last 10 years in the Premier League, so you can’t give him too much criticism.” – Jordan Pickford

24. “I’d travel to Alfreton for games, and my dad, Lee, would drive. I’d eat my pre-match meal in the back. Mam would make chicken and pasta, and she’d stick it in a tub.” – Jordan Pickford

25. “It’s the little things you remember. My mam, Sue, would take me to training in a taxi when I was a kid if Dad, who is a builder, had to work on a Saturday morning. You look back at the stuff like that and realise the sacrifices were all worth it.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

26. “Sometimes I was getting bored playing in youth games and in the reserves; I didn’t think it was challenging. I always wanted to be challenged and better myself.” – Jordan Pickford


Jordan Pickford Quotes
Jordan Pickford Quotes

27. “Sometimes you can’t help conceding as a keeper, but that’s the whole reason you are there.” – Jordan Pickford

28. “I’ve been a professional since I was a 17-year-old, over 200 league games from Conference all the way up to the Premier League now, so I think that’s experience in itself.” – Jordan Pickford

29. “I know I’m only 24, but I know in my head already I am mature, because I’ve got the right mental side of it.” – Jordan Pickford

30. “I got a lot of games under my belt in the lower leagues, and I don’t feel the Premier League or England is that much different.” – Jordan Pickford

31. “When there are just 500 fans inside a ground, you can hear everything they say, every little word that is getting said. So that is what turns you from a kid into a man.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

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32. “I remember going for a drink of water, and one old bloke shouts, ‘Hey you, young lad! Your grandad is under that grass!’ I just turned around to him, gave him the thumbs up and said: ‘Nae problem!’” – Jordan Pickford

33. “I never put myself under any pressure or anything. I embrace the moment, play in the moment, and I feel strong. Nothing fazes me; 34. “I just want to be myself.” – Jordan Pickford

35. “The pitch is always going to be the same lines, same goal height. It’s just a game of football.” – Jordan Pickford

36. “I train hard every day in the gym and on the pitch to show what I can do on a match day.” – Jordan Pickford

37. “Criticism doesn’t affect me. It just makes me want to be better.” – Jordan Pickford

38. “You know yourself if you are doing well, and I think my form shouldn’t be getting questioned.

39. “If you’re not ambitious, there’s no point in playing football.” – Jordan Pickford

40. “Coming into a new club, it’s always exciting.” – Jordan Pickford

41. “I always work hard on and off the pitch for the Saturday’s game, and it’s all about performing on a Saturday; that’s why I work my socks off during the week.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

42. “It is nice when other keepers say, ‘Well done for last summer.’ Petr Cech said that. It is touching.” – Jordan Pickford

43. “The gaffer Gareth Southgate knows I can play with my feet, but he knows the capability I have in goal as well. He has put the faith in me, and I had to repay him in the World Cup, and I think I did.” – Jordan Pickford

44. “I have always said you only get one shot in life as a footballer.” – Jordan Pickford

45. “So long as I keep performing week in, week out for Everton, I will have the chance to stay England number one.” – Jordan Pickford

45. “I’m just a lad who likes playing football. I’m not bothered about anything else.” – Jordan Pickford

46. “I’ve been criticized for going with my top hand, but as long as you save it, that’s all that counts.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

47. “I play in the moment; nothing fazes me.” – Jordan Pickford

48. “I always enjoy football.” – Jordan Pickford

49. “We do about 600 saves in a training week, just for that one save on a match day. That’s why you’ve got to be in the game at all times.” – Jordan Pickford

50. “I was growing up watching Rooney as an England legend and as one of the top players in England in my lifetime.” – Jordan Pickford

51. “It is all about concentration, and the more games you play, the more you concentrate.” – Jordan Pickford

52. “It’s never nice to make mistakes, but it’s just how you bounce back.” – Jordan Pickford

53. “I never really doubt myself or think that if I make a mistake, I am going to make another mistake.” – Jordan Pickford

Jordan Pickford Quotes About Football
Jordan Pickford Quotes About Football

54. “I am able to mentally block out mistakes.” – Jordan Pickford

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55. “Freak mistakes happen sometimes as a goalkeeper that if you make them, then it’s always going to bite you.” – Jordan Pickford quotes

56. “The only way you’re going to get caps is by playing. I’ve played all the way through the age groups, and that was my experience. 57. 57. “Now I’m on the main stage, and I’ve got to play to my strengths.” – Jordan Pickford

58. “I always take my opportunities.” – Jordan Pickford

59. “As a goalkeeper, you’ve got to have mental toughness, and that’s one thing I’m good at.” – Jordan Pickford

60. “I’m just a normal lad.” – Jordan Pickford

61. “I’ve saved a few penalties; I’m good at them.” – Jordan Pickford

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